Meet the moms behind back after baby

Hello! We are Hallie and Ingrid- two moms and physical therapists on a mission to provide women with the knowledge and resources they need to properly recover and get back after baby! We developed this 3 phase program after years of treating women with back pain, urinary incontinence, shoulder pain, neck pain- should we continue? The common denominator… they were all moms, some 2 months postpartum others 10 years, who never properly retrained their muscles after having a baby.

With most postpartum programs emphasizing weight loss instead of muscle recovery, who would know retraining your muscles was so important? Why not just go back to your pre-baby routine? Well let me tell you… The changes that occur during pregnancy to your joints, muscles, soft tissue (ligaments), and spine not to mention the weight gain, water retention, crazy hormone fluctuations are significant and DON’T just rebound and go back to normal. Well maybe if you are that 1%, then yes it does, but for all of us other women- what do we do? How do we get those stretched, weakened, traumatized muscles to work for us again?

We based much of the Back After Baby program on our own clinical practice. We guide the member through each phase of the program in the same way we would progress a traditional physical therapy program. This method is tried and true and addresses the whole body. It is completely unique from any other “workout” “fitness” routine you find online in that it’s assessment based, meaning we take you through a complete assessment testing things like core stability, strength, endurance and flexibility before each phase so we can design the program specific to what you need. Once you have your playlist of recommended exercises we go even further by teaching you how to do each exercise properly, what you should and shouldn’t feel, and when to stop.

In addition to your workout playlist, you’ll have access to resources such as anatomical illustrations for each exercise so that you can picture the specific muscles we are targeting. We also include body mechanics training and positioning strategies to help with proper form when sleeping, lifting, breast feeding, and a host of other things.

We know this program can be life changing but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what one of our members has to say…

“Back After Baby has given me hope that I will be able to restore my body to a pre-baby level and potentially even better. I had so many muscle imbalances that I would injure myself when working out or would get pinched nerves in my neck & shoulders just from sleeping. As I’m progressing through Back After Baby, I feel myself getting stronger, having better posture and in less pain.” ~ Cristy