Why does my back hurt at night?

When it comes to sleeping, pregnancy changes EVERYTHING! By the beginning of the third trimester, most women experience difficulty sleeping. It’s hard to get comfortable and there are fewer options when changing positions, sleeping on your stomach becomes impossible and sleeping on your back is not recommended. The bigger your baby gets, the more difficult it is to sleep. It’s been said that this helps to prepare you for sleepless nights with an infant, something most new moms expect. What most women don’t expect, is that many of the positions that you used to fall asleep in no longer feel comfortable.

After childbirth and pregnancy, the spine and pelvis tend to be less supported. Changes in posture while pregnant result in both weakness in the muscles that help stabilize the spine and decreased flexibility in the hips resulting in an increased curvature of the low back. These changes can make sleeping on your stomach or flat on your back uncomfortable, resulting in soreness when you wake up.

Check out our quick video for tips on how to support your spine when sleeping and eliminate discomfort at night.

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