Postpartum Care for the 21st Century

Nursing… again. It’s 3:23 in the morning and you’re so tired you can’t keep your eyes open. Your neck aches from trying to hold your head up and you’ve had this nagging soreness in the front of your shoulder since yesterday. Your body feels tired, weak, and sore. Sound familiar? What is a new mom to do?

Imagine a world where there is someone who comes to your home and takes care of you! Each week, you get a visit from your physical therapist. They check in with you to see how you’re doing. They work on those sore muscles to help relieve the discomfort you’re experiencing. They discuss what activities might be contributing to your sore neck and shoulder and suggest modifications to eliminate those aggravating factors. They work one on one with you to help you find your core muscles again and start engaging them properly. They teach you how to lift, carry, and hold your baby to prevent stress on your joints and soft tissues. They answer questions you might have about when to start exercising and how to get back to your favorite Pilates class safely.

After your first visit with your physical therapist, you feel better! Your shoulder doesn’t hurt after they worked on your neck and upper back. The Kinesiotape they applied seems to really help your posture and gives your shoulder the support it feels like it needs. You’ve started incorporating some of the exercises they taught you into your daily routine and you can feel your core muscles engaging now when you pick up your baby. The positioning strategies your PT gave you make nursing and sleeping a lot more comfortable and you haven’t even thought about your neck hurting.

Sound too good to be true? Think again! European countries have provided physical therapy (or physiotherapy as they call it) as a standard of postpartum care for years and now moms in the United States can finally experience the benefits. You’ll want to discuss postpartum care with your physician prior to your delivery date so that they can write you a prescription for physical therapy. Back After Baby offers in-home physical therapy in select Houston areas as well as a comprehensive online program for postpartum recovery. Not in Houston? Check with your physician to see if they can recommend a home based postpartum PT in your area. Most insurance companies provide some coverage for physical therapy services. We recommend you check with your insurance to see what your plan covers.

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