We’re here for you!

Our goal is to guide you through your BAB program, every step of the way! We provide instructional videos in your BAB program, live and recorded workouts via our Facebook training groups, local workshops and classes in the Houston area, and direct access to our team of physical therapists to ensure your success!


The Back After Baby subscription provides you with individualized web based workouts, online training groups with access to live and recorded workouts, and information and education on all things postpartum!

  • Guided musculoskeletal assessments
  • Therapist-guided workouts via your BAB program & our Facebook training groups
  • Information on Anatomy & Physiology
  • Body Mechanics Training
  • Positioning Strategies

Back After Baby is designed and taught by physical therapists and is a safe and effective way to recover from pregnancy and childbirth. The program was developed to bridge the gap between the early postpartum phase and returning to your regular exercise routine.